MAQIN Conf LO5993 -Madison, WI 5/96

Tue, 5 Mar 1996 15:25:01 -0600

Greetings! I'm Connie Gruen. I've been listening in on the Learning Org
conversations for about a month now and find that I draw new or reinforced
insights from the dialogue into my work every day. Here at Wisconsin
Public Television and Wisconsin Public Radio, continuous improvement is in
the process of taking root--slowly, not always surely, and yet with some
certainty. We are a partnership of a state agency and a division of the
University of Wisconsin so I am particularly interested in posts that
relate to education and government organizations.

I am posting the following conference announcement on behalf of MAQIN, the
Madison Area Quality Improvement Network, a truly wonderful
customer-focused, facilitative network that sponsors an outstanding annual
quality conference. Peter Senge will be one of this year's keynote

May 15-17, 1996 in Madison,

The 1996 Hunter Conference carries the theme of "Constancy and Chaos." We
want to focus on how organizations can explore and stay true to core
values and principles while remaining open to (and perhaps even seeking
out) the dynamic, systemic change that continues to rock our
organizations. Simply put, how do organizations and individuals stay
grounded, what do they hold to, what is their "anchor" in chaos and
ongoing change?

We will mix theory and application, stretching and grounding, seriousness
and fun to help learners from all sectors and levels to think more deeply
about change initiatives, to link values and core principles with
operational realities, to challenge assumptions, and to gain inspiration
and new energy.

May 15 is a mix of day-long and half-day preconference workshops. May
16-17 is the conference--a mix of keynotes, 90-minutes breakout sessions,
and space for reflection, networking, integration, and fun.

We will be joined by keynoters Peter Senge, director of the Center for
Organizational Learning at MIT's Sloan School of Management and author of
_The Fifth Discipline_; Ed Baker, international quality consultant and
former executive at Ford Motor Company; and Glenna Gerard and Linda
Teurfs, founding partners of The Dialogue Group.

Breakouts will include stories and learnings from Ford, George
Westinghouse High School, SmithKline Beecham, North Island Federal Credit
Union, Xerox, American Images, and the public sector. Presentations will
include intuition, "guerrilla quality," creativity, quality measures,
learning organizations, and more. Preconference workshops will focus on
systems thinking, innovation, QFD, community quality, chaos theory,
profound knowledge, dialogue, and more.

We would be delighted if you would join us in Madison for this unique
learning experience. For a complete brochure, call 608.277.7800 or fax

MAQIN is a non-profit network of learners that has grown to over 200
organizational members representing an employee base of about 125,000
people. Our vision is to be a driving force behind positive economic and
social change in the Madison area by promoting widespread application of
customer-driven continuous improvement methods, quality principles, and
systems thinking throughout the community. Our members learn together
with our support through outstanding programs and workshops, peer learning
groups, community connections, and a world-class resource center.

Connie Gruen
Wisconsin Educational Communications Board,
a partner in Wisconsin Public Television and Wisconsin Public Radio

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