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= what does the term "language" mean? A reply to John Warfield's question

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>Francis, I wonder if you could say what you mean by "language"? In case
>my question seems puzzling, I will amplify it by saying that the word
>means different things to different people. To professors in the English
>Department, it almost always means "prose". To some well-known
>scientists, it may almost mean "mathematics". To others it means, in
>part, facial expressions ("body language"). To others, it means a mix of
>a variety of forms of expression. Once again, what does it mean to you,
>in regards to the LO?


I think you may have answered your own question! I'd argue that
conversational "speech acts" define the most precise and effective media
in which to language, followed by written speech, sign language,
mathematics, music, facial expressions, body language... in that order (I
just made this list up.)

Or maybe not...


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