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Sun, 3 Mar 1996 09:07:31 -0500

Hello: Introducing myself to the list. Had to join after such priases by
member Steve Cabana. So here is a bit about me.

About Ned Hamson - Ned Hamson is currently the editor of The Journal for
Quality and Participation. This journal is published by the Association
for Quality and Participation (headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio). Ned has
been the editor of the association's journal and it's newsletter since
December 1985.

The Journal for Quality and Participation features articles by
organizations which are using total quality and participation processes to
improve quality, customer satisfaction, labor-management relations and
productivity. His duties as editor have brought him into close contact
with leading organizations, consultants and practitioners in the quality
and participation field. Fred and Merrilyn Emery, Armand V. Feigenbaum,
Phil Crosby, Tom Peters, Dr. Deming, Dr. Juran, Dr, Ishikawa, Jim
Harrington, Jean Houson, Margaret Wheatley, Peter Senge, Dr. Chris
Argyris, Russ Ackoff, Paul Allaire, Roger Smith, Fred Smith, Presidents
Bush and Clinton are just a few of those who have written for The Journal
for Quality and Participation. In addition to his duties as editor, Ned
has acted as spokesperson for the association and has spoken on the
association's behalf at conferences in the US, Belgium, The Netherlands,
Israel and Australia. He is also the AQP's staff liaison to the
association's: Public Sector Taskforce; International Advisory Group; and
Critical National Issues Taskforce.

Prior to joining the AQP, Ned was the administrative assistant and
legislative assistant to two different City of Cincinnati councilmembers
from 1974 to 1985. Prior to those positions, he held a variety of
positions in both the public and private sector. The organization's
include: The University of Cincinnati, Herschede Jewelers, The Smithsonian
Institute, Epoxylite Corp., Aerojet General, and the Los Angeles County
Probation Department.

Ned has a BA from the School of International Service at American
University in Washington, DC and an MA from the University of Cincinnati.
Both degrees were in political economy with special emphasis in
international affairs, economics and public administration.

Ned was born July 13, 1944 in Northampton, Massachusetts, raised in Los
married, has no children, nine cats and one dog.

My abiding interests are integrating innovation into organizational
systems and thinking thinking about and applying theory about
discontinuous change; and creating workplace systems and community systems
which are democratic and actively adaptive.


Ned Hamson, editor: The Journal for Quality and Participation Association for Quality and Participation, 801-B W. 8th St., Suite 501, Cincinnati, OH 45203 Tel: 513-381-1979 Fax: 513-381-0070 e-mail: "This is the time... We are the people... Let's work together... Now!"

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