Limits of Empirical Method LO5957
Sat, 2 Mar 1996 08:35:17 -0800

Replying to Dave Birren's LO5885

Dave Said

>By the time of the Wright brothers, many successful gliders had been built


> That's how we generally show our creativity, by assembling old ideas in
new ways, which is empiricism at its best.

I've been playing in this a while. Is it a case of genius or contingency
being the assembly of a critical density of autocatalytic ideas/ elements
of information/ technology to yield emergence of a new breakthrough?. Why
should creativity not also be empiricism at its best? Is this an example
of Kauffman's general message about self-organising criticality? Is that
what originality is - the making of a 'new' out of different connections
between what already is?

Those are connections and questions which will keep me dancing for a
while. Thanks Dave.

If Price
The Harrow Partnership
Pewley Fort Guildford UK 

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