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> What I need though (of course in a
>hurry!!) is some info from anyone's organization about what you did with
>"survivors" after a RIF (reduction in force).


My colleague Julie Beedon has replied earlier. Our organisation was
like yours a government funded and controlled one. We had no power
to change the downsizing policy, so our aim was to help people
feel less like victims and be more able to influence their own
personal futures.

Since Julie and I left, the downsizing has continued. I have kept
in touch with the organisation and my impression is that for most
of the people there, that I have talked to, the idea of their being
made redundant has changed from an unthinkable evil, to a
possibility which they can plan for and consider in a practical

The has been no shortage of volunteers for the 2 downsizing execises
that have taken place since we left. Of the people who left I have
not met anyone who is not pleased with their new lives, even
though at the time of leaving many of them were full of doubt and
anxiety about the future.

One important point though is that in the public sector in the UK
the financial terms for early retirement are reasonably attractive
for most people, particularly for those aged 50 years and over
with long service and, under 50's who can get another job within a
reasonable time of leaving. What has changed is the willingness
since the first downsizing, of people to seriously consider and
plan for a second career outside the public service.



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