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The February meeting of the Creativity Consortium, was held last night at
the Royal Bank, Corporate Banking Centre, in downtown Toronto, Canada. The
Creativity Consortium was formed in 1993 and is dedicated to fostering and
promoting the use of lateral and creative thinking skills in education,
business, government, culture and society. It's a club where members &
guests can practise their own creative thinking in a supportive and
stimulating environment. Waht Toastmaster's is doing for public speaking,
we hope to accomplish for lateral thinking. Toronto was once called the
intellectual capital of the world by the New York Times, in the heydays of
Marshall McLuhan. The Creativity Consortium is trying to bring back some
of that spirit and passion for fresh ideas and concepts.

A packed boardroom of creativity consortium members and guests listened to
Dr. Matthew Kiernan, author, management consultant and CEO and Chairman of
the Innovest Group International, S.A. outlined the framework of his
latest book titled, Get Innovative or Get Dead - Building the Strategic
Architecture of Tomorrow's Companies.

Below, I've included some of the overhead materials from his talk and I
hope they will stimulate as much insight & discussions on the net as they
did in our meeting last night.


The New World Order

11 Mega-Trends

-Communications & IT Explosion
-Knowledge-Valus Revolution
-Geo-political Rebalancing
-The twilight of Government
-The rise of the Synthetic Economy
-Sectoral and Industrial Convergence
-The Eco-Industrial Revolution
-New organizational Forms
-The rise of the SME's
-Velocity and Discontinuity of Change
..............Result: Hyper-competition


Organizational Paradigms

That Was Then...20th Century This is Now...21 Century

Stabilty, Predictability Discontinous Change, Cont.Improvement

Size and Scale Speed and responsiveness

TopDown: Command & Control Empowerment, Leadership from all

Organizational Rigidity Virtual Organizations,Permanent Flexibility

Control by Rules & Hierarchy Control by Vision and values

Process Driven Results driven

Rational, Qualitative Analytics Creativity, Inution, Thinking about thinking

Need for certainty Tolerance for Ambiguity

( and I would add...

(Reduce requisite variety Increase requisite variety where needed)
Ashby's Law from Cybernetics)

focus on variety attentuation focus on variety amplification,
where needed


More on Organizational Paradigms

Information closely guarded Information shared ( ie look at Netscape)

Reactive, Risk Averse Pro-active, Entrepreneurial

Corporate Independence Startegic Alliances

Vertical Intergration "Virtual" Integration

Domestic Market focus International Market focus

Internal org focus Focus on Comptitive Environment

Sustainable Competitve advantage Hyper-competition,constant re-invention

Competing for today's markets Creating Tomorrow's markets


Leveraging Intellectual Capital

Finacial Capital <- structural Captital + stakeholder capital + human
(see full details in our newletter)

The 11 Commandments for 21st Century Competition

1 Compete for the furue not the present
II Develop conscious mechanisms for repeated innovation
III Leverage Hidden Value Potential

( the group then worked on a 30 minute thinking excercise to create
new concepts for leveraging or using intrinsic assets in a new a
different way...see some of the results in our newsletter...Creativity
Consortium News (CCN) Feb 1996)

IV Develop a bias for speed and action
V Be pro-active, enrepreneurial and experimental
VI Break barriers
VII Use everybody's talents: empowerment
VIII Globalize your Persective and Knowledge base
IX Leverage the power of the Eco-Industrial Revolution

( see article in Feb 96 issue of CCN)

X Make Organizational learning a corporate Jihad
XI Develop performance metrics which are strategic, dynamic and
forward looking.
We then went on the explore the Hallmarks of a learning organization:

-Intellectual Curiosity
-Organizational humility
-High tolerance for change, complexity and ambiguity
-Capacity to imagine alternative futures (scenarios)
-A propensity for experimentation
-A preference for learning by doing
-An appetite for Feedback
-A high Pain threshold for "Constructive Failure"
-A conscious mechanism for creating, collecting and disseminating knowledge
-strategic performance metrics


BTW, Get Innovative or Get Dead is published by Douglas & McIntyre,
Toronto & Vancouver, ISBN1-55054-430-6, 1995 by Matthew Kiernan.

For lateral thinkers in the Toronto area, call (416) 588-1122 to join
the Creativity Consortium. Our meetings are on the last Wednesday of
the month. Corporate sponsors include the Royal Bank, Price Waterhosue
and the Toronto Business Development Center.

Come out and train for for the mind


A new "virtual membership" package is now available via the internet.
Email me for details. Ask for information about Virtual membership to
the Creatvity Consortium.

Walter Derzko
Creativity Consortium
Toronto Branch
(416) 588-1122


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