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Eric Opp stated:
>I have noticed in the United States, in particular after having been in
>Europe for an extended period of time, that many businesses work on the
>philosophy of "You are your Position" or "You are your Resume." I have
>come up against strong resistance in a number of directions concerning my
>career advancement through the philosophy of "You are your Resume." For
>example, I have invested considerable time and effort in leadership
development and communications skills development, but I keep running into
>"You have a Ph.D. in Physics, therefore you belong in a position of doing
>scientific analysis. Forget marketing or management.

As a European who has been working in the US for the last 13 years, I have
a slightly different view based on that experience. I find that in the US,
folks are more interested in what you have done, rather than what are your
qualifications. Also, how well you can talk about the practical,
implementation of things (the "blocking and tackling") and not just the
concepts and strategic issues.

Given this frame of reference, it is hard for someone who is just pointing
to time and effort in development and not in implementation. I suspect
this is compounded in today's environment, where resources are scarce and
managers cannot afford team members who are on learning curves.

Peter A. Smith
Orbis Learning Corporation

"Individual learning is a necessary but insufficient force
for organizational learning." Argyris, C. & Schon, D.A.


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