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DAVID REED (DPR9989@KGV1.bems.boeing.com)
Thu, 29 Feb 1996 09:20:53 -0700 (PDT)

Replying to LO5871 -- where Dave Birren writes:

>In thinking about redesigning our work planning system, ... When we make
judgments about priorities and try to drop the low-priority work, we're told
we have to keep doing it.
So why bother trying to change?

Dave, have you considered retentioning work? Here at Boeing we retention
people(a rating of 1, 2, or 3. These ratings are used during times of
layoff and re-organization. I have argued that perhaps we should avoid
retentioning people and retention work instead. The way I see it working is
o Work is broken into priority jobs ( work that is absolutely critical
to the success of the organization (1), work that is important but not
critical (2), work that is needed and helpful but, in tough times (budget
constraints) would not be as important as the others (3).
o The team can help prioritize the work based on customer needs and
o Assign most of the #1 work to the most talented, best performing,
people. #2 work goes to the average performers and #3 to the lower
performers. It won't be that straight forward, in fact people may do 85% #1
work and 15% #3 or some such arrangement..
o By assigning work in this fashion, people doing predominately #3
work will soon want to progress on and want to know the criteria for
obtaining #2 and #1 work. Much the way high school band students move from
3rd chair positions to first chair.
o Performance appraisals can be based on how well they perform for
their type of work and development plans can be defined to progress to the
more critical roles.
o In times of budget constraints, you reduce #3 work first. Those who
perform primarily #3 work are at risk. You will look for other #3 work they
can perform or consider layoff.
I am trying to find the flaws in this approach so I would appreciate any
comments. I am aware that seniority issues are of concern.

For now...
David Reed
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