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GSCHERL (GSCHERL@fed.ism.ca)
Thu, 29 Feb 96 09:33:28 EST

Replying to LO5893 --

Rol said:

>I seem to be getting a fair amount of private mail to the effect that --
>to paraphrase -- 'of couse the corporate executives are irresponsible,
>where do they think all these now useless people will go?'....
> At the time there were losers, and it was painful.

One of the challenges we continue to have in this decade is how the
overall picture is painted to the masses. Everyone hears about the
massive layoffs. It's on the news, there's interviews with people
laid off, the effects on themselves and their families. The new jobs
being created are mentioned in small print if they're captured at all.

If you put the onus on the corporation to find these people jobs, you
take away their responsibility to themselves and their families.
Today, people have to provide increasing value to their companies, and
themselves in order to remain marketable.

The blacksmith and the vinyl record industries are no longer in
demand. People who didn't upgrade their skills are obsolete. This
may seem harsh, but it's reality.

As to the corporations, it's up to the indiviudal managers in the
corporations to give the opportunities and environment to their staff
to improve or upgrade or just be aware. We can't fault the
corporations directly, but we can fault individuals within the

It's up to each person to stand up and do what they believe is right!
Sometimes it's very lonely, very cold, and even risky.

     Gary Scherling
     Helping people help themselves
     Corporations exist to make a profit, add value to society and to 
     provide jobs.  The challenge today is society has become global.  To 
     provide value to a global society is much more complex. 

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