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Thu, 29 Feb 1996 07:12:56 -0500

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Francis said:

>I just read a book called The Phoenix Agenda and it helped me coalesce
>some thoughts I've had for a while, around how language can be used either
>a) to describe our view of reality OR b) create/generate a whole new

Francis, I wonder if you could say what you mean by "language"? In case
my question seems puzzling, I will amplify it by saying that the word
means different things to different people. To professors in the English
Department, it almost always means "prose". To some well-known
scientists, it may almost mean "mathematics". To others it means, in
part, facial expressions ("body language"). To others, it means a mix of
a variety of forms of expression. Once again, what does it mean to you,
in regards to the LO?


John N. Warfield

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