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Julie Beedon (
Tue, 27 Feb 1996 10:53:20

Replying to LO5760 --

I may be coming in on the end of this discussion having been
immersed in New Orleans for 2 weeks.....

>The way we draw an organizational chart should mirror the way we
>simulate a process: it should show all relationships with an eye towards
>optimizing the overall functionality of the process, IF we intend to
>improve the process.

Our client in New Orleans have been working with some whole system changes
and one of the teams has been looking at aligning the organisationa round
business processes... when the work they had done was developed by a team
of 100 people from the organisation one of the products was on
organisation chart like none I have ever seen... they wanted it to be more
than 'boxes and wires'... what they have is a matrix showing processes,
life cycle *and* the people and the teams they inhabit!!


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