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>would empower. Empowerment is something which is earned. It is something
>which has to come to be desired and something which depends heavily on
>personal confidence and competence (and in my case, at least, on mutual
>trust, interdependence. and collaboration)."
>I would even go so far as to say that people truly recognize when they are
>'ready' for the burden, and at that point, they _take_ empowerment. When
>anyone is waiting for empowerment to be given, they are -- practically by
>definition -- not ready for it.

I agree, and I'd add that someone who sees that they're not empowered, or
are not able to empower themselves, is someone who can be trained to do so
reliably and consistently. However, the training must be "sourced" by the
individual, either by asking someone or hiring someone to be a coach for

This is something I got from personal experience, and then professional
experience with my own clients. Someone who is willing to be coached can
learn to empower themselves much more quickly.


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