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At 12:22 AM 28/2/96, (Scott R. Cypher) wrote:

>>Most individuals within the organisation are unable to differentiate between
>>the complex and the confusing, or work out how to bring about the
>>transition from "you" and "me" to "you, me and us". Incidentally this
>>organisation has a long history of team based work, with both positive and
>>negative experiences
>Sounds also like there is need for relationship management skills, how to
>evaluate (utility) and not judge (good/bad), how to give and receive
>feedback in dyadic relationships, surfacing of trust issues and its
>sources, Attitudes of choice vs. Attitude of victimization, and work on
>attunement of individuals to the point where they understand each others
>role in the organization and how roles interact.

Thank you for that comment. I matches my own intuition, and gives me some
more confidence in saying that to her.



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