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At 15:37 21/02/1996 EST, you wrote:

>"With people as with wood, a little glue and slight pressure
>produces a much stronger bond than a big hammer and a bunch of
>nails." We need to be careful about how we use our language as
>leaders -- often to give 'constructive criticism' and not often
>enough to support change and personal development. Jerry
>Richardson's work with The Magic of Rapport (NLP) and other
>communications paradigms are helpful in the way we relate to others.

Good to see you on the boards. Your comments will be welcome here as they
are in the training forum -- the difference here is that the discussions
are less tactical, say, one set's up the room and more strategic, say, the
structure and goals of the training process. Given our own discussions,
you'll enjoy it.

Disclaimer: We are a user of Scott's materials and have found them useful
in our engagements (and the rendering of the cartoons in ASCII characters
does not do them justice).

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