Future Search Training LO5804

Tobin Quereau (quereau@austin.cc.tx.us)
Thu, 22 Feb 1996 16:04:58 -0600 (CST)

As a participant in this training back in 1994, I can attest to its
quality and value. Since we have discussed future search methods on the
list, I thought the group might be interested in upcoming training
opportunities with Marvin Weisbord and Sandra Janoff.

Marvin and Sandra hold a few public training workshops each year. The next
one will be held May 19-22, 1996 in a lovely conference center a couple
of hours north of San Francisco.

In July (21-24) and in October (20-23) they will hold the training in New
Paltz, New York (wherever that is).

The training is an excellent preparation for planning and presenting a
future search conference in a wide variety of settings. If you are
interested in one of the trainings, contact Maria Mitros at (800) 951-6333
or email her at rhd@pond.com. She can send you detailed information.

Tobin Quereau
Austin Community College

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