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Laszls Papp (lpapp@hq.pgsm.hu)
Thu, 22 Feb 1996 13:46:40 -0800

Host's Note: In February, 1995 we asked a number of friends this question:

Why a Learning Org?? Why bother... It does take effort. Why do we want
learning organizations? On a personal level, why do you want to build
learning organizations? Why do you want your own organization to be more
of a learning organization?

A collage of responses appears on the learning-org web pages with an
invitation for anyone to add additional responses. (The LO web pages
are at http://world.std.com/~lo/. Here is a new response:

Beacuse this is the only way to implement a quality organisation. During
my work (I am a consultant who is working in the Quality Improvement and
Organisational Development field), my experiences the following:

- the changes without out acceptance from the customers have no realy

- the only way of the effective cultural, organisational and work changes
to learn the customer for the implementation of the changes.

This is my first opinion about the learning organisations.

Laszlo Papp
from: Hungary


Laszls Papp <lpapp@hq.pgsm.hu>

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