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Jan Lelie wrote:
>1. Circles on a pentagram, linked through physical and data streams.
>2. Recursiveness: Web-Star, or Web-*

>The problem, i least as i perceive it, is that we somehow have
>difficulties distinguishing form content

>But all i see is strategy following structure. Do you agree? Are
>there more elements?

Yes, there are!

>How can we copy/transfer content faster? Do you copy?

How about putting your org chart into live action. Which means IMHO:

Place five persons on every edge of your / a pentagram (five star). Let
them face to the center of the pentagram and lett them walk
simultaneaously -exactly- along each line from one edge of the pentagram
to another edge. And so to the next edge, the third, the fourth, etc.
until they have arrived again at their startingpoint. Look at them, lett
them look at each other - while walking - and tell eachother afterwards
what you SAW . What kind of pattern became vissible? (I wont tell you
yet). Then tell eachother what you experienced inside of you. If you
repeat this 'patternwalking' several times, each time focussing on another
aspect, like: When are we closest to eachother? When are we farest away
from each other? What becomes vissible in the centre while we walk? What
happens in me/ in us when we try to start at exact the same time and try
to arrive at the next edge at the same time? What happens if everybody on
the edges walks the patterns while they are facing outwards the pentagram?
Are we still able then to be Just In Time at the next point? What must I
do/contribute to be "Just In Time".

If you do this the right way, you'll be amazed about how many unexpected
insights you get, how much you can learn about "seeing systems", System
Thinking and organizational behaviour. Like magic you see and understand
why certain measurements never can work in the way you wanted it or hoped
it would work! IMHO: Thinking together starts with moving together!

I love this one: "We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all
our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for
the first time".
(from T. S. Eliot's "Little Gidding")

I am interested in your experiences so: Good Luck!

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