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Mariann Jelinek wrote:
>The conversation metaphor also evokes the biases, misunderstandings and
> difficulties that can arise - because one party "gets no respect," because
> another lacks appropriate perspective, or because "groupthink" blinds a
> group to what seems obvious to others, for example.
> (Mariann Jelinek)

On the notion of "groupthink" blinding a group to what seems obvious to

There is a "good" groupthink and a "bad" groupthink. In process
improvement and problem solving activities, it is the "good" group
thinking eliminating the obvious that creates breakthrough. The
discipline of a group using force fields, fishbones, and facts to look at
the situation outside of the obvious ("bad" group thinking) folkways and
mores of the organization (read: we tried that before; that'll never
work; that machine's no good; that guy does it on purpose; etc.) is just
what's needed to break the conversational paradigm and put forth the

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