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> How do we get stockholders to think more like employees? (Now that we've
> gotten employees to think more like stockholders?)
> Drucker has reported on a fascinating trend that seems to rarely be
> referenced in disucssions about this tension between stockholder and
> employee interests. Employees (via pension plans, IRAs, etc.) ARE the
> majority stockholders today. And their portion of stocks is growing.
> This results in some ironic situations. I worked at General Dynamics when
> so many folks were getting laid off at the same time that their stock was
> soaring in value. Talk about mixed feelings!
( I deleted some good stuff here )

Ron, this brings up a good idea. Let's make stockholders employees, at
least for some time. This is probably a very effective way for them to
udnerstand that the employee really has a "greater investment" in the
company than the stockholders. The typical stockholder (even whe she or
he might be an employee in some other company/org.) invests his or her
money and go back to his or her regular activities, and waits (expects) a
"good" dividend for the money! The employees invests years of his or her
life, efforts, skills, ... and hopes! This is a very long process which
takes a lot of energy.


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