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In LO5717, Tobin Quereau <quereau@austin.cc.tx.us> wrote:

> For one who is coming from an entirely different direction than
> manufacturing, I found the two books to be fascinating. As a result of
> several recommendations from the list, I read them recently and finished
> them more rapidly than most any other "professional" book I have latched
> on to this year. They were quite stimulating and relevant even to my
> own--non-manufacturing-- situation. Some might say they are simplistic,
> but the principles were quite intriguing in any case and the presentation
> was enjoyable.

The books referred to are "The Goal" and "It's not Luck" by Eli Goldratt.
I would second Tobin's comments, as my background isn't manufacturing
either. I found both books useful to read, and didn't have any major
problems with the US orientation. Here in the UK, they are published by
Gower - "The Goal" is available in paperback, and "It's not Luck" has
recently been published in hardback.

Underlying the educational process of the 'hero' in The Goal is the
Socratic Method that Diane Korzeniewski (kzpp50@hqs.mid.gmeds.com)
recently enquired about (LO5646).

It has been refreshing to read that others here have read, enjoyed, and
gained insight from these books.

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