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Chris Costello writes:
> But, i would introduce the concept of a "framework" to remove you
> "contradiction." By framework i mean the assumptions, premises, and
> accepted wisdom that bound or frame an understanding of a problem and
> its context. They are extremely useful in breaking down complex
> problems into manageable chunks so you can examine relationships....

The 'framework concept' is very similar to the concepts of the
'cultural web' as published by Johnson. The centre of the cultural web
consists of the paradigm, what is the organisational frame of reference,
and what determines also the perception of people in the organization.

The paradigm is central part of the cultural web, and is
surrounded by
- routines: how members of the organization behave towards
each other,
- rituals: such as training programs, promotion and assessment,
- stories: told by members of the organisation to each other,
to outsider, to new recrutis and so on,
- symbols: such as logos, offices, cars, titles, language
- control systems: measurement and reward systems
- power structure: who are the most powerful managerial groups,
and who is likely to be assiciated with the paradigm
- organizational structure: formal and informal way how the
organization work.

The paradigm as central part of the cultural web will be addressed by
every change process and every learning process; it is founded in the
successes of the past, what may become inappropriate for changing
enviromental conditions.

Therefore the paradigm may become to the main source of resistance at
organizational level preventing change, as long as the occuring strategic
drift decreases performance in such a dramatic way, that a change in
paradigm occures, too. To change the paradigm it is critical to unfreeze
people, what may not be able without fear and anxitiy.

The impact of this concept on the learning organization are tremendous:
without understanding the cultural web and the paradigm as central part,
change programs may become obstructed and are unlikely to be successful.

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