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On 18 Feb 1996, Rol Fessenden wrote:
> Roxanne asks why stock values would be enhanced when wassive layoffs
> occur. There are two circumstances I can envision, and others may add to
> the list.

Some books describing the psychology of investment seem relevant;

New Market Wizards
Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds (I think I got the title right)
Blood in the Streets

The first book highlights strategies used by financial market traders.
The last two books highlight the strategies used by global contrarian

I think shifts in raw power resulting from global contrarian investor and
financial market traders ("wall streeter's" short sellers, etc.)
activities will help people around the world to "self-organize" so that
those people can select what they want to learn and select organizational
learning practitioners that they want to learn from.

Global contrarian investors "manipulate" global NGO's and GO's through the
financial markets to maintain or shift the balance of raw power in the

Organizational learning practitioners facilitate, within their
organizational system, certain people's learning towards certain goals.

I think that the strategies and goals of global contrarian investors are
complementary to the strategies and goals of organizational learning

[BTW I'm not sure if global contrarian investors and organizational
learning practitioners can play both roles at the same time since there
seems to be a lot of double binds and catch-22's involved.

It might be possible for a person to sequence these roles. i.e. George
Soros switched from global investor to philanthropist after he had a
mid-life crisis. So-called "robber barons" in early American history, the
equivalent of modern day scions like Bill Gates and George Soros, also
often became philanthropists.

My question is, if I'm going to be a global contrarian investor like
George Soros AND go for an interdisciplinary doctorate partly involving
organizational learning, HOW can I play both roles at the same time?]

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