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17 Feb 96 15:48:23 EST

Replying to LO5519 --

Charles asked for experiences where we were able to "see systems". I have
found that as I began to learn and understand at the fringe of my direct
area of expertise, I was able to see the inter-dependence of systems that
generally are developed very independently. My examples:

1. As I began to learn from direct exposure in executive meetings that the
accounting system defines employees as expenses rather than as assets, and
therefore as a liability to be eliminated in hard times, this
understanding allowed me to see the larger system linkage.

2. When I learned that Wall Street was rewarding large public firms for
announcing major layoffs, I began to understand an even larger system
linkage that might be causing organizations to make poor long-term

I am very curious about how analysts value stock. Can anyone help me to
understand why stock values would be increased when massive layoffs are

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