Org Learning Conf LO5653 -Copenhagen 5/96

Bob Williams (
Fri, 16 Feb 1996 10:27:17 +1300

Replying to LO5349 --

>Conference on Organisational Learning:
>'Growth through Learning'
>in Copenhagen, Denmark
>May 15th - 17th, 1996
>organised by the European Consortium
>for the Learning Organisation
>Contact: Pierre de Potter,
>Tel: +32-2-655 5803
>Fax: +32-2-655 5812

I have recently received details of the above conference, and am trying to
get an emailable version of the programme.

Some topics include :-

Growth for whom ?
Re-engineering with a learning approach
Rewards systems
>From individual learning to group learning
Organisational learning to learning organisations
Alternative approaches to shared vision
Making sense of improvisation
Uncovering how people learn


"Only Connect" - E.M. Forster

-- (Bob Williams)

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