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At 07:35 PM 12/2/96, Simon Bell wrote:
>- learning in the development of information systems (LDIS). and,
>- TeamUp approach to project planning and management and learning systems

I believe that IS has tremendous capabilities as a medium for collective
learning, especially in the collective management of evolutionary
development by users. If users at different sites are working together to
develop a common system, while they are using it, you can get a
evolutionary symbiosis between the technology and the user working
environment. I have written a chapter describing such a process (The
Wentworth Consortium, Southon and Yetton in "Transforming Health Care
through Information" Lorenzi et al (eds), Springer-Verlag 1995).

I would be happy to provide further information on this, and learn about
other environements in which information technology promotes learning.


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