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> Diane Korzeniewski (LO5385) writes (6-Feb):
> >I thought this might be an interesting thread. In the last few weeks I
> >have wondered what words might describe the characteristics of a "boss"
> >and a "leader". I have a few thoughts and would like to know what others

I agree with the response by James Ray LO5527
> An emergent model of leadership (though not new at all) is the concept of
> "Stewardship" as articulated by Peter Block in the '94 book of that title.
> (See also '95 STIA presentations) For me, this concept distinguishes
> "leaders" from "bosses".
>The concept was advocated much earlier by Robert Greenleaf as "Servant
> Leadership" and is based on one or more ancient Asian proverbs.

And would like to add (again) Max DePree's "Leadership is an Art", (1987)
Michigan State University Press, East Lansing, Michigan. I might as well
quote the entire book, but i'll be strong and only copy the line that
prompted me to buy this book:

"The first responsibility of a leader is to define reality. The last is to
say thank you. In between the two, the leader must become a servant and a

Mr. DePree also quotes from Robert Greenleaf's "Servant leadership" on
page 89. O, and Ginger: there are a lot of valuable real-life stories told
in this little book.

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