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sylvie.a.hanes (sylvie.a.hanes@ac.com)
13 Feb 96 16:08:27

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Could this be worded "What do we want from change agents??"

I believe a change agent has to have insight and vision (the ability to
see what is invisible) in order to anticipate and expect reactions, and to
be able to handle the many faces of resistance.

A change agent needs well developed listening and observation skills since
often what is SAID is not necessarily what is meant. I believe that change
agents must be persuasive in showing the benefits, and be understanding in
letting the natural resistance to change follow through. A change agent
must be a good communicator, presenting the benefits of changes to
everyone, and being able to related it to everyone's own tasks and goals.
A change agent must understand human nature and not be discouraged when
the one step forward becomes two steps back.

A change agent must allow time for his/her own reaction to the changes,
for even the best of change will affect almost everyone in one way or
another. I believe a change agent has a greater level of success if
he/she knows the business inside out, and is a leader (read leader not
specifically a manager although rank has its benefits too).

I've often seen people being appointed as change agent because they had
some available time to commit to the project... and were interested in
trying it out. I'll leave the speculation regarding the outcome to your

Sylvie Hanes

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