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Michael McMaster wrote

>You say it's important that people FEEL "undifferentiated so that
>they can become a part of the WHOLE." Already you must have stepped
>from the analogy because, as far as I know, the cells don't "feel"
>they are part of the whole. They *are* part of the whole.

Then isn't it a part of our charge not to help people feel
undifferentiated but to raise their perception that they are a part of the

Further on
>What is equivalent of "TRUST" in biological systems. ... They are connected
>- tightly coupled - by design and the issue does not arise.

Then to build a LO aren't we to build a tightly coupled organization of
people? In such an organization each person would respond to the change in
the environment as needed to survive. Each person would be contributing
of their capability just as the liver and heart do in a human body.

>I find in my personal life and in my work that trust is a replacement for
>good communication. I don't mistrust those with whom I can communicate
>anything. Where I can't communicate, I must "trust" on my own creation
> - or not at all.

"I don't mistrust", in other words, I trust those with whom I can
communicate anything. Why is that? IMHO it is that you are friends,
people who reflect each other accurately but with great empathy. One does
not feel at risk communicating.

Where there is a feeling of risk in communication there is fear and IMHO
trust is not relevant. What is important is the cause of the fear, its
potential cost and benefit and our response to it. Where communication is
not perfect it is courage that comes to fore. The courage to act in the
face of risk. We are full circle, our word courage is derived from the
Latin for heart.

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