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Donna Loveridge asked

>I have been hunting, with no success, for basic information on the
>Learning Organisation

For an overview, it seems to me that there two points of entry - both of
value. The first is through Peter Senge's article The Leaders New Work -
Sloan Management Review (about 1990? - I don't have the reference handy)
which gives an overview of the five disciplines and the fundamental
rationale - from which the logical progression is to The Fifth Discipline
and the Fieldbook. The second is Swieringa & Wierdsma's 'Becoming a
Learning Organization' - Addison Wesley 1992 ISBN 0-201-62753-1, which
remains for me one of the best concise and structured introductions to the
whole subject of individual learning, organizational learning, the
linkages to education, and stages in organizational learning. I found the
discussion of prescriptive organizations, unlearning organisations (I knew
I wouldn't be able to keep up this American spelling) and learning
organisations very illuminating when I first read the book. It
foreshadows much of the discussion on organisational learning in Nancy
Dixon's 1994 'The Organizational Learning Cycle' - McGraw-Hill ISBN

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