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David C. Walden (
Mon, 12 Feb 1996 05:56:57 -0600

I have been studying and beginning to practice what Fernando
Flores and Terry Winograd call the Language/Action Perspective,
Conversation for Action, and other names along those lines. I
am seeking pointers to organizations or people that are/have case
studies of the use of these ideas and methods. If you have any
pointers, maybe you can reply to me directly rather than bothering
the rest of the group with this.

In particular, I am interested in ANY case studies that DO NOT involve
use of software such as is available from Action Technology, or case
studies that DO involve use of the software but relate to processes
outside the manufacturing and administrative area, for example, to
product development, marketing, or customer service.

To avoid duplication of effort: I am already familiar with the
offerings of Fernando Flores and Business Design Associates (but not
with any companies where the methods were applied), of Action Technology
(but not any non-administrative or non-manufacturing case studies),
of the educational offerings of the Newfield group, and of the
use of some of these ideas by Landmark Education. I am also
aware (I think) of most of the published literature (I can provide
a reading list to anyone who is interested); however, I'd appreciate
pointers to obscure titles.

Host's Note: Dave, please do send your reading list! Depending on the
length, I'll either distribute it or place it on the Learning-org web

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