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Richard Karash (rkarash@karash.com)
Tue, 12 Feb 96 16:59:30 0500

I've really enjoyed the content here on learning-org, but our volume has
taken another jump and I'm worried that it will be too much for many
people. A few months ago, we had 10 messages a day. Recently it's
averaged 25.

I've worried that some of our threads have gotten a bit wide of our topic,
learning organizations. I'm delighted to see people engaged, and we
*know* that nothing is absolutely irrelevant, and our learning will come
at our edges, not in the center. On the other hand, there are limits to
how much email people can handle. I fear we're near those limits.

First, I'll call now for data -- please write me directly (address below)
to let me know how you feel about our volume and the range of our dialog.
If *you* don't have a problem with the volume, I can handle things at this

Readers, please use your delete key liberally. Being selective is the only
way to survive on the internet.

Authors, I ask everyone to be conscious of staying somewhere more or less
in the territory of org learning... Please choose your "Subject" line
carefully; this will enable readers to be selective.

I review all msgs before they are distributed. I decline some, but not
many, of your messages and I protect you from a lot of junk. If in doubt,
send your msg; I'll let you know if I think something is beyond the edge.


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