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Sun, 11 Feb 1996 19:21:58 -0500

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Tobin wrote:
LE>On 8 Feb 1996, Roxanne S. Abbas wrote:
LE>> Yesterday, I was talking with a compensation specialist with one of the
LE>> largest financial services companies in the U.S. She told me a story of
LE>> how the compensation staff had been challenged by an employee in a meeting
LE>> where they were presenting next year's compensation plan which was based
LE>> on a 3% pay increase budget. They were asked how the voice of the
LE>> customer was considered in this plan.
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LE>This note, Roxanne, raises issues related to the earlier posts on the
LE>"two-tiered" pay system--one for workers and one for executives. Could it
LE>be that the "customers" might be seen differently in these two groups? Is
LE>it possible that the customers of the compensation staff are the customers
LE>of the organization?

Unfortunately, the Compensation staff is correct. The person who forks
over the bucks for the product or service is the customer.

What is often forgotten by the people who fork over the bucks is that
someone makes those buck for them. A Board of Directors must ensure they
have the technology and the human performance to obtain the desired
profits. Both have to be nurtured and cared for. If not, the profits may
not be there. Machinery breaks down when neglected. People do too.


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