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Doug Seeley (100433.133@compuserve.com)
11 Feb 96 14:36:44 EST

Responding to Uri Merry in LO5219, who asked a while ago..

>What do you mean by this sentence:
>> the issues of cultures of already existing organizations, firmly based
>>on non-adaptive structures, are much different than those for businesses
>>which have started to emerge from current extra-corporate networks.
>What are these businesses that are emerging?
>How do they differ? in what way are they more adaptive?

With the intimate exception of our own business, I only have gotten
impressions and 2nd hand references to various businesses coming into
being as a network of relatively independent consultants or small
businesses, especially in the high tech area. I suspect that others on
the list will know of these in more concrete terms.

In our own case, we have a core net of tightly coupled independents
generating the business directions and support, and two levels of more
loosely coupled networks of consultants sharing business and joint
venturing using our software platform and methodologies.

One of the major differences which we experience is the lack of
traditional hierarcies of command and control, and any notion of
master/slave authority. Since in many ways the operation of the network
sustains relationships as autonomous equals, without imposing any notions
of equal ability, this fosters a greater distribution of responsibility.
Moreover, because the abilities and interests amongs members of the net
are so varied, there is a lot of flexibility on how business opportunities
are responded to.

I think your question is a worthy exploration, especially if it as not
already been done. Perhaps there are others on the list with examples?

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