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10 Feb 96 22:27:37 EST

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One of your list service folks forwarded me a message about
leader-follower relationships. I wondered if your are aware of my book on
the subject titled "The Courageous Follower: Standing Up To and For Our
Leaders." It explores the triad of the leader, follower and common purpose
from the perspective of the powers and responsibilities the follower has
in the relationship. My own experience is that unless you work with a
leader with an extraordinary sensitivity for encouraging feedback loops,
it takes a lot of courage and skill on the part of followers to ensure
these loops exist and connect. This courage and skill in many cases are
the prerequisite for a learning organization to exist. You may find the
book of value in your efforts. The publisher is Berrett-Koehler, SF, 1995.
Best wishes - Ira Chaleff.

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