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On 8 Feb 1996, Charles Parry wrote:

Charles wrote...
> You make an excellent point, and I sense an underlying whole-systems way
> of thinking informing that insight. You set me wondering what we would
> come up with if we chunked up from the individual level dyad of
> learner-teacher to the dyad Learning Organization -???. Aha, who or what
> is doing the teaching, and what are *its* preferred teaching styles?

Just a quick thought in response to your intriguing question--I would say
the "teacher" is the environment (the marketplace, the community, the
government, the physical environment, etc.). And as for its teaching
style, that varies as to the arena one focuses on in that system of
influences. I would definately _not_ separate out the CEO or Board or some
such group as the teacher--they are all learners along with the rest of
the organization as far as I can see....

> A second thought: Would it be useful to see what maps across from
> individual to organization if we were to discuss the characteristics of
> teaching/learning models?

Or from organization to culture it inhabits? Or from culture to ....? But
I'm running out of steam right now, so I'll leave these for the next

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