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Rol Fessenden (
10 Feb 96 12:47:28 EST

Sb: Nothing is completely irrelevant LO5379

In LO5307 and LO5379, Ivan and Michael make an extraordinarily powerful
point. At the risk of repeating what they said, I can't help myself from
expanding slightly.

Ivan said breakthroughs can only occur at the "edges" because those at the
center cannot see outside their system. Michael pointed out that being at
the edge is a matter of mental, emotional, and psychological position, not
"physical" position. Anyone can be at the learning "edge" if they can be
open to the stimuli in the appropriate ways.

My only addition is that this must be a key characteristic of a lifelong
learner. The ability to be at the edge with vision but not fear, with a
willingness to challenge themselves and others, and be challenged in
return. The desire -- even passion -- to stand at the edge and see what
may be there that they could not see before. To be open and defenseless
to new information and emotions that shed light on dimensions previously

Thank you Michael and Ivan.

 Rol Fessenden
 LL Bean

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