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Thu, 8 Feb 1996 12:48:45 -0800

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>There is more to the story. Breakthroughs happen at the edges also
>because that is where there is contact with something that is not
>totally self-generated.
>A note of caution as well. The center is "at the fringe" depending
>on the circumstances and point of view. Another way of saying this
>is that there is no centre except from a perspective. That frees
>creativity, innovation and breakthrough to happen anywhere in an
>Michael McMaster

I submit that there is a center, its where there is NO "contact with
something that is not totally self-generated." Creativity etc. do not
happen in the "center" because there is no incentive, no gradient to drive
change. To generate creativity there you have to introduce a disruption,
a breakdown, create disequilibrium.

I do agree strongly with Michael's use of the biological model for it more
than a model, it is constituitive of us and our organizations.

Roberto Reichard

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