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Charles Parry (
08 Feb 96 13:47:25 EST

In reflecting on a number of lines of exploration that have been going on
here, I would like to propose a new thread.

There seems to be quite a bit of information and discussion of "learning
about" systemic seeing, thinking and organizing LO's. I have an interest
in exploring the (from the inside-out) subjective experiences people have
as they are engaged in being part of any shift *toward* systemic seeing.
For example, in order to become an effective part of a LO, the mass of
people are often coming into new ways of perceiving and thinking over some
sort of bridge from having been (always) experiencing being a part of a
"non-learning" organization.

Are there examples of transitional experiences that people have that we
can zoom in on a bit and sort for some patterns in the subjective,
personal experience of the doer? And how much breadth is available in ways
of beginning to build that sort of bridge? A few candidate examples that I
am aware exist are... Experiencing a facilitated model-building with SD
tools on your own firm's behavior Participating in a (Barry Oshry) "Power
and Leadership Laboratory" immersion Having participated in a (Marvin
Weisbord) Future Search conference

I'm sure there are more! I would like to know what else is out there, and
can anyone remember and describe their experience of making a bridge to
*seeing systems* from seeing cause & effect?

Charles Parry
Specialized Resources International
Boston University Sargent Camp
36 Sargent Camp Road
Hancock, New Hampshire  03449 USA

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