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Julie Beedon (julie@vistabee.win-uk.net)
Thu, 08 Feb 1996 10:06:05

Replying to LO5412 --

Rol asks, regarding migration and communities

>I have heard a number of private responses that
>agreed, and some that disagreed. Let's get the discussion out in the open
>where we can all examine the issues and learn.

If we work with the assumption that the nature of change in
organisations is going to produce increasing migrations then what
are the issues??

1) people developing the ability to integrate into new communites
2) communities which are open to and able to integrate new people

I can see numerous benefits to a community in the arrivals of new
people not the least of which is the way in which it can keep the
system open ....

I can also see that this is painful

- for the community who feel misunderstood by those who arrive and
know nothing of their history

- for those who migrate and find it difficult to integrate into an
established system...

Some communities may be more fluid and the processes they have
adopted may facilitate the integation of the stranger with ease...
I can think of some of these from my military and church
experiences - inductions and mapping of procedures for the

Some communites may rarely encounter new people - their processes
are likely to assume people have always been around, grew up
here, know everybody and know how things are done (and they have
always been done that way - who knows why??) ...

MMMMmmmmmm as I reflect on this I think I have seen it inside
organisations ....

I describe the extremes ... most of our communites are probably a

Does it need anything???

What might help ??? Who???

Communities/organisations could develop processes for integrating
new people ???

Communities/organisations who are losing people could develop
processes to explore ways of integrating into new communities ???

Julie Beedon
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