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Tue, 06 Feb 96 14:47:29 PST

Recently I have heard a buzz on various discussion lists about Marvin
Weisbord and future search. I would like to let those of you who are
interested know about a speaker series organized by The California
School of Professional Psychology in Alameda, CA. The series features
provocative business leaders from public and non-profit organizations,
organizational development specialists, and management consultants.
Corporate managers, HR managers and professionals, team leaders and
consultants interact and gain insight into how leading organizations
manage the inclusion-based change process.

Three of our speakers include:

Marvin Weisbord, founder and co-director of SearchNet. Mr. Weisbord
will be speaking February 24 at the California School of Professional
Psychology. He will provide a lecture and demonstration of future
search, a planning meeting that alters the dynamics of traditional
meetings away from problem-solving and conflict towards common ground
and joint action.

Elsie Cross, an international consultant and publisher of The
Diversity Factor, a quarterly journal. Ms. Cross proposes a case for
the business community to build an inclusionary work culture and
shares a strategic process which includes changes in policies,
practices and organization structures.

Warner Wimms, Senior Vice-President of Leadership and Organization
Development at Bank of America. Dr. Wimms will be part of a dynamic
panel discussion which will explore issues of change, leadership, and
commitment through organization-wide inclusion.

Please accept our personal invitation for you to attend this unique
speaker series. The series will be hosted at the CSPP campus at 1005
Atlantic Avenue in Alameda and will be meeting five times throughout
February and March. Each session is followed by a "social time", for
discussion over coffee and tea. For more information, call CSPP
Continuing Education at 800-289-0317.

This is a terrific opportunity for:
z Meeting and talking with the distinguished speakers, local
organizational leaders, and consultants in attendance
z Recruiting fresh concepts into our organizations through the
establishment of internship relations; and
z Hearing some exciting new ideas while enjoying fellowship with

The series is just $255 for 3 evenings and 2 daytime workshops, with
individual sessions available at reduced rates. Register now by
calling CSPP Continuing Education at 800-289-0317.

Please don't delay! Marvin Weisbord kicks us off February 24th.
Posted by: Janelle Brotsis, e-mail address is

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