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Rol Fessenden (76234.3636@compuserve.com)
06 Feb 96 11:38:12 EST

RE: LO and Big Layoffs LO5337

Julie brings her own experience to bear on some of the issues I raised
regarding the possible destructive consequences of a 'nomadic' class
created by massive and regular corporate downsizing.

I think her experiences are valid for her, and for many other people who
have grown up in a military environment. These kinds of anecdotal stories
are important in trying to understand what the possible positive
consequences are.

I live in a town with a large Navy population, and it is true that there
are some Navy people who are very involved in local and school affairs.
It is also true that the vast majority of Navy people never participate in
local or school affairs, and one of the reasons they give for this is that
they will only live here for two years.

It is also true that some of the children of Navy families are leaders and
scholars in the school system. However, sad to say, Navy kids are in
general recognized as the more challenging to the school system.

In short, I suspect that the 80-20 rule holds here as well. Some kids
survive and thrive in the 'nomadic' life. Many do not.

I would be interested in others' experiences.

 Rol Fessenden
 LL Bean

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