Personal Mastery/Transformation LO5350

Sun, 04 Feb 96 14:46:38 EST

Replying to LO5315 --

Learn to help people with more than their jobs. Help them with their
lives. - Jim Rohn

The above statement says a lot to me about how we, as leaders, have to
start helping others understand things. As Brian Batke states:

> I think change can happen when people begin to get a sense of their
> own inner strength and worth independent of their organizations,
> when people don't feel beholden to and dependent upon their places
> of employment.

There is a major fear in people that, if they act on their personal
beleifs, they'll lose face, not be accepted and eventually lose their
jobs. So they hide their personal beliefs, their inner strengths and
learn to repeat what others in the organization support -- the safe
method of staying alive.

As Brian Mulconrey says:
> Irrespective of what other people in an organization (e.g., senior
> executives, board members, etc) do or don't do, we all have the power to
> confront "our" fears.

but many people don't recognize the fears we have to confront. It's
not really the fear of losing a job, it's the fear of losing the
income that allows you to support your family, or the fear of being
wrong, or failing, or not being accepted, or not being able to find a
new job, or having someone tell you things you don't want to hear.

Gary Scherling
Helping people help themselves (GSCHERL) -Info: or <>