Change from the Bottom up LO5336

Julie Beedon (
Sun, 04 Feb 1996 18:27:55

Replying to LO5324 --

I have been .. sort of... following this thread .... given that we must
all do the same I am happy to confess to jsut skimming some of the
postings... and than I was interrupted in framing a reply to one which I
suspect I have lost ... so I thought this comment would give me a nice
opportunity to voice some reflections and questions.....

>It does not appear to be "bottom up" as much as "middle out". As it
>progresses, though, it can touch everyone.

change needs to start somewhere??? - unless it could just emerge??

at the end of the day only 'people' can change.... the change to them as
individuals may mean that they change the system... which will have wider

.. I would imagine that the 'higher up' someone is the greater impact thay
can have on the whole system... so when they change it makes a substantial

... and yet the people at the front line may well be those who impact the
'outside' so when they change the impact will be tangible at the edges of
the system.... why would they change??

... maybe be they don't... possibly the system changes so they can do what
they always wanted to.... possibly the flow of information means they can
see more of the system and make 'wiser' strategic decisions... possibly
they are 'educated' in new ways of analysing data and given space to build
relationships outside their normal 'box'.... maybe they begin to believe
that the new ways of doing business are for the benefit of everyone....
possibly someone listens to them..... and they start to build a sense of
common purpose....

how do we decide where to start....? my sense is that we need to continue
to develop ways of bringing the whole system together.... top, bottom,
middle, inside, outside, etc... and work to understand how the whole
interacts... how everybody's problems create a system mess..... and stop
trying to start top down... or bottom up... or middle out... but work on
the whole simultaneuously... oh but... this might need leaders who are
prepared to do this ... oh dear now where do we start!!!!

Julie Beedon
VISTA Consulting - for a better future