Language is Action LO5309 -Workshop
Fri, 2 Feb 1996 22:04:12 -0500

[Workshop Announcement]

"When we communicate effectively, we are able to intervene in and Reshape
the world in which we live."

The basic building block for living in the world is language --- talk
constructed in such a way that it moves people to coordinate action in the
world. We do this by performing particular speech acts -- assertions,
assessments, requests, offers, promises, and declarations. That is
Language is action!

We all know how important language is in building learning organizations.
It shows up as a powerful influence in all 5 disciplines. Many would
argue that leaderships main job in organizations is to manage a network of
conversations so that action is coordinated in a way that delights the

On February 23rd (beginning at 7pm) 23rd and 24th in Bethesda, Maryland
there will be a course entitled THE LANGUAGE IN ACTION WORKSHOP. The
course will be delivered by Julio Ollala, founder and partner THE NEWFIELD
GROUP. Mr. Ollala has been presenting courses in the area of effective
communication for over eight years and has trained over 30,000 people in
The US, Spain, Canada, Mexico, Argentina and Chile. Mr. Ollala is an
educator and consultant whose studies have included course work in
linguistics, cultural studies, and education. His partner Raphael
Echeverria, Ph.D. will also be present. Dr. Echeverria has done extensive
writing on the ontology of language. His main educational background is
in philosophy, linguistics and cultural studies.

He has done extensive research and has applied this work in education and
organizational development. He has worked both with Peter Senge and Fred
Kaufman delivering courses.

In this course you will learn to:
7 Distinguish between the five basic linguistic acts
7 Listen to what is being said (and not said ) in ways that allow you to
recognize the mood and concerns of the speaker
7 Design conversations in which you produce action, invent possibilities,
generate identity, build trust and empower yourself and others.
7 Manage conversational networks

The distinctions of this course around learning are also extremely
powerful. I have found the distinctions of this course extremely helpful
in my practice and highly recommend the course. The cost is $375.00

For more information please e-mail me back at or call

David C. Utts