Mission Statement Stories LO3936

David Sam (DASAM@vm.occ.cc.mi.us)
Wed, 29 Nov 95 14:58:28 EST

We are revising our mission statement, trying to build conversations
around it that will align people in a common vision and purpose. Some
folks see no need to go through the process, or want a short cut so we
can have one and "get it out of the way."

Our in-house newsletter is going to discuss Mission statements. One part
will look at businesses, colleges and other organizations which have
been through the missioning process and have found some organizational
"success" because of it.

Can anyone describe such organizations or refer me to some? We would
like to digest their stories for our newsletter. I will summarize the
results for listmembers if there is any interest. Please send responses
to either address below. Thank you.

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