Organizational Thinking LO3908

Rol Fessenden (
27 Nov 95 19:35:17 EST

Re: Organisational thinking LO3876

On the subject of 'erroring' vs 'mistaking' neither really resonates for
me. Learning in any reasonably complex environment results from taking a
series of actions with some viewpoint on what the outcome will be.

In some cases, the expected outcome occurs, and learning -- confirmation
ofthought processes -- occurs. In other cases, the expected outcome does
not occur, and learning -- assessment and development of a new hypothesis
-- occurs.

The scientific method is a learning methodology. Develop a
hypothesis,identify an experiment, execute the experiment, observe the
outcome, assess whether it aligns with the hypothesis, develop a new
hypothesis, and cycle. It is nearly identical to the Deming cycle.

I don't really see why there needs to be any emphasis on making mistakes.

 Rol Fessenden