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Jan Lelie (
27 Nov 95 06:08:34 EST

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Hi Duncan,

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you wrote:

> However, for all of us interested in organizational learning, there is
an object lesson to be learned from the recent goings on at Herman Miller
(where Max was CEO for many years). The object lesson seems to be this:
All of the stuff Max talks about in his books is fine in theory and
perhaps even in practice--so long as the company is 'making money'.


> It may well
be that there is a balance involved in being a learning organization; a
balance between traditional measures of performance such as ROI, ROA, etc
and measures that take into account "people's gifts, talents, and skills"
(and the growth thereof) as Max so eloquently suggests.

What "recent goings on" do you mean? Is Herman Miller making losses? Is
this because they took to much into account their people's gifts, talents
and skills? Did they let go of their vision?

In my view a good ROI, ROA and other measures are the result of good
leadership, teamwork, learning, innovation, cooperating, in short by being
a "learning organization". What is an object lesson?

Jan Lelie