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Sun, 26 Nov 1995 22:34:17 GMT

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On Mon, 16 Oct 95 John M. Gancz replied to Andrea Meier

| Also, I am planning dissertation research using a
| moderated internet
| support group to address burnout and stress resilience
| concerns of
| professional caregivers. My plan is to have a closed
| group, but I have not
| seen any reports about the minimum number of people that
| it takes to keep
| a closed group active. Has anyone had any experience with
| this.?

| Andrea Meier

> There is a report that will soon be coming out of a small group
> that got together to study the implications of virtual teams on
> such things as facilitation and group interaction. With no set
> goals at the outset and the reliance on strictly E Mail,
> there was still a good level of success with size that
> ranged from 8 - 14 people.

May I also draw the List's attention to the latest program by Peter and
Trudy Johnson-Lenz, which will commence March 1996 and run for 5 months.
It is called:

An on-line community of Inquiry and Practice: Meaning and Wholeness in the
Virtual Workplace.

It will be restricted to 50 participants and will run on R4 of Lotus

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