Training is also Learning LO3840
Thu, 23 Nov 1995 22:45:10 -0500

I have really enjoyed this group. Although I have been learning all of
my life, I do get lost in some of the discussions - mainly because I am
to practical and like to keep it simple.

My organization is adopting a vision that we are the catalyst to the
learning organization. I am a member of the training directorate.

I am really into this thing called learning. I've been into it since
1945. The obstacles I run into are the people who don't buy in and the
people who think it is a new fad.

An example of my contribution to learning. Previously we conducted
self-evaluations to assess the effectiveness of training (transfer of
learning). When it was over people were thanked and everything went
back to whatever it was before. This next Tuesday I introduce another
way of doing business, It's called Learning and working go hand in
hand, it's like the old concept of OJT, it's like the concept of
learning by doing. I will meet with about 18 people who will be on 3
different evaluations. We will spend some time reviewing the process;
then plan the self-evaluations, then conduct the self-evaluation over
the next 30 days or so. Upon completing the self-evaluation, the
participants will each write a report and turn it into their
supervisor. If their supervisor approves the report, I will be
informed and the participant receives a passing grade for the training.
I will be their mentor for whatever period of time is needed.

I will be working this learning style with 85 members of our training
organization. I hope it will transfer to a style they will use in
transferring skills to our work force.

Butch Whisnant