Re: Being Totally Responsible LO3832

Fri, 24 Nov 95 09:27:53 EST

Replying to LO3807 --

John wrote:

> I do believe that we must all take responsibility for our
> own actions. I don't think that stops people from being
> victoms. A person beatton, raped, killed can accept (except
> in the latter case) all the responsibility that they want,
> but they are still victoms. Also, it will not stop the
> negative feelings. It's processing the information and
> learning to deal with it that may take some time.
> John Belfrage <>


As a victim, you can't accept responsibility for what happened to you.
You do have to accept responsibility for how you respond to it. But
if everyone took responsibility for their actions, there probably
wouldn't be many people who would beat up, rape or kill other people.

The other missing element that would need to be in place is a proper
sense of morality (western morality that says hurting or killing
anyone else is wrong).

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